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Kirk-Rudy Print Inspection Central System

Kirk-Rudy Print Inspection Central System

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Inspection Central by The Solutions Group (TSG) is the leader in monitoring, tracking and inspecting production, providing advanced quality and integrity control for any production system requiring monitoring or tracking.

Inspection Central is an option that can be added to any production line with nearly any hardware. It operates as a stand-alone product – or, it can be integrated into an existing production line. This versatility extends the life and usefulness of legacy systems, eliminating the need to replace them. The hardware design allows for easy integration with most production systems. It also features remote monitoring via TSG’s web-based application.

With Inspection Central, you will have complete confidence in your production – regardless of the number of stations assigned to the job.


  • Increased productivity
  • Higher quality standards
  • Completely auditable
  • Centralized management
  • Lower costs
  • Real-time tracking
  • Easy job reconciliation

TSG Vision

TSG Vision, TSG’s vision system, is an integrated system of scanners and cameras for read/verify applications that gives operators system control. Using TSG Vision, an operator can define regions of interest and tune the camera specifically to verify the information contained within those regions. TSG Vision operates on all Windows platforms XP and above.

TSG Vision Applications

  • Printing
  • Inserting
  • Bindery
  • Plastic card/carrier production and finishing

TSG Vision is capable of simultaneously verifying all industry standard code formats, including barcodes, OMR, and OCR.

Inspection Central Features

TSG Vision is an integral part of Inspection Central and provides the capability to perform the following actions:

  • Sequence Checking. This requires that data reading values sequentially increase or decrease by a given value. Additionally, the system can ensure that the products are produced in the same order as the data file.
    • Benefit: The predefined number of products appear in the output and are in the proper sequence. All missing products are accounted for and documented.
  • Simple Reading Validation. As products are read, Inspection Central determines if a product is an “invalid no read” or “invalid read.” This is determined by the reference data on the record and the user-defined inspection field.
    • Benefit: Provides 100% piece-level integrity and ensures that products passing through the system are accurate, readable, and perfectly matched to the data in the record.
  • Data Field Updating. Data is automatically updated in the database as the product passes through the system.
    • Benefit: Real-time accuracy of the reference data file.
  • Image Saving. Every image can be saved to a designated directory on the disc, and every saved image file name can have a fixed customizable prefix.
    • Benefit: Traceability through the system: a permanent record is archived for any future reference and is matched to the updated data fields.
  • Product Sorting. The system sorts products by firing an output, which usually speeds up the conveyor to separate groups of products. It can also activate a divert process.
    • Benefit: An operator can easily bundle products based on sorting criteria. Invalid products can be diverted for discarding or manual inspection.
  • Unique Product Verification. As Inspection Central receives a reading, it pulls the record from the database and ensures that the product has not been seen previously in the system. If it has been seen previously, it will be marked as invalid. This will apply across multiple inspection points within a single system.
    • Benefit: Protects against the multiple processing of a single product – no redundancy.

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