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Kirk-Rudy XMatch Software

Kirk-Rudy XMatch Software

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Configuration simplicity

  • Drag and drop configuration: connect devices and define IO by dragging and snapping wires
  • Visual browser: easily search and view configurations before opening
  • Builder Wizard for easy system setup – detects system configuration step by step
  • Distance indicators: drag sensors into position

Integrated Vision

  • Directly configure cameras and OCR or barcode regions (all major 1D and 2D types)

Reports and Printing

  • Job progress, featuring a color-coded view of the entire database
  • Monitor shift performance
  • Daily PPH chart
  • Daily total/pass/fail
  • View or export to file

XMatch Data Recorder (XDR)

  • Entire job’s run is recorded to file the size of an MP3
  • Always running in the background
  • One-year history
  • Stores every job and configuration setting
  • XDR player:
    • Play back XDR files without XMatch
    • Watch job run exactly as it did on the system
    • Scan and fast forward directly to errors
    • Pause, slow motion, fast forward, skip

Hybrid Hardware/Software Tracking

  • Eliminates timing errors
  • Sub-millimeter tracking accuracy
  • Double feed detection
  • Product slippage detection

Performance Monitoring

  • Image loads
  • Barcode and OCR decoding
  • Memory usage
  • Data lookup durations

One-click Log Zipping

  • .zip format
  • XDR
  • Reports
  • Camera images

Integrated Help and Videos, allowing new operators to learn and use the system with minimal training.

  • Quickstarts
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Detailed reference


  • Full testing of XMatch
  • Built-in emulators provided
  • Read and print, verify, duplex
  • Build your own (drag and drop)

Graphics Hardware Acceleration

  • UI uses GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • Frees up CPU for critical tasks
  • Results in XMatch needing <1% CUP for tracking​

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