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Increasing Efficiency. Delivering Profitability.

Succeeding in today’s packaging industry requires more than just the right equipment. In order to effectively provide the best inkjet printing, coding and product handling services for your brand owners, you need a well thought out strategy to get you there.

At OAM, we understand that your customers’ projects are data-driven, the importance of sequential numbering and serializing products, and all of the other unique demands your customer-base requires, which is why we work with you before your new equipment purchase and look at the bigger picture.

After analyzing your customer’s data requirements and your current work flow processes, we are able to recommend custom solutions that bridge the gap between order management and production fulfillment. This means increased work flow efficiency and profitability for you and your customers.

No matter your application, we have the equipment solutions to help you succeed and relationships with the top packaging equipment manufacturers to give you the customized solutions you require.

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