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Valco Melton

Valco Melton

Valco Melton, a world leader in adhesive dispensing systems since 1952 is proud to introduce the Kirk Rudy Hot Melt gluing solution for Ohio Addressing Machinery in providing new and innovative technologies to the graphic arts market. A typical system is comprised of three major components, a tank, valve, and control.

The D-Series melt tank unit is a gear pump unit with an easy to use operator interface, Teflon coated tank, 7-day clock, and temperature setback mode. The D-Series unit has been tried and tested to industry standards to provide end users with a long lasting and reliable unit.

The MX electric valve is the premier valve for the graphics industry. With a valve life of over 300,000,000 cycles and built in stroke adjustment for precise bead width, it is in a league of its own. The MX valve is capable of running in bead or stich pattern, typically showing end-users a reduction of up to 40% in adhesive savings.

The MCP series control comes in either a 4 or 8 channel output configuration with up to two encoder inputs. Each output is capable of putting down eight patterns, while maintaining an extremely user-friendly operator interface.

The Valco Melton gluing solution has been customized to install in a clean and easy fashion on any Kirk Rudy line. Custom brackets, hose lengths, controls, and valves have been engineered and tested in the field to ensure flawless gluing for the graphics industry.




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