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Understanding How Automating Your Workflow Can Increase Efficiency and Profitability

You need print, mail and packaging equipment to run your business. Yet one size definitely does not fit all in the print, mail and packaging world, and keeping your business running means keeping up with the fast-changing universe of technologies that drives business at every level. It’s no longer in your best interest for OAM or any other company to simply sell you a piece of equipment, offer some training and move on.

Why? It’s the technology—evolving, expanding, and making it harder than ever for one solution to handle a near-endless spectrum of print, mail and packaging needs. Every application is different, so each one requires unique solutions. One piece of equipment may be suitable for an application that utilizes a particular type of data file; but what if a different file type arrives next week? Is that equipment still suited to meet this new challenge?

At OAM, we’re 100 percent committed to taking a consultative and strategic approach to your business, making sure you have the right equipment, and equally important, the right infrastructure and processes to automate your workflow and increase your company’s efficiency and profitability.

The “solution” we sell may be hardware. It may be software. It may be a combination of the two. And, it may also include the maintenance and support necessary to help you leverage those solutions effectively today and tomorrow.

How do we make the right strategic call? We get involved early on in customer projects to understand and analyze how a customer’s workflow impacts the application(s) that it runs. Ultimately, we help customers like you automate your workflow process, from tasks and resources to internal operations.

What does this involve? It’s an in-depth conversation with you and your team, perhaps more than one, then a good amount of data crunching, analysis, strong coffee and old-fashioned strategic thinking back at our shop. We examine your company’s production, its management structure, the equipment you currently run to get jobs done – everything, really. In evaluating your workflow, we’ll look at:

  1. The types of projects your customers come to you with
  2. How those projects need to be handled
  3. The time frames you work with
  4. The types of data and technologies that are available to process those projects
  5. The reasons why your customers provide the types of data that they do

In our 55 years of business, we’ve seen many changes in print, mail and packaging applications. But more than ever, we recognize that equipment is part of a bigger puzzle – in fact, it’s really the last piece that should be considered in a broader purchase process that accounts for upstream data and workflow issues.

At OAM, we possess the resources and know-how to help you fit those puzzle pieces together and ultimately, automate your entire workflow, including data management, production analysis and management, equipment solutions, training and ongoing maintenance and support.

For any requirement, OAM offers the consultative expertise to recommend the right mix of hardware and software solutions to meet your unique needs.

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