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Free E-Book - Thermal Inkjet: The Right Choice for Your Marking and Coding Applications

For a long time, continuous inkjet (CIJ) was the only print technology for companies using coders in a packaging environment. While CIJ performs well for printing on almost any surface, it can be overly complex and inefficient, not to mention odorous.

Thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology offers an exciting and efficient alternative to CIJ by providing a high-quality, low maintenance and reliable method for marking and coding. TIJ allows for better print quality because it prints effortlessly and safely on a wide range of substrates. That means more flexibility in marking and coding material including cans, bottles, plastic containers and boxes, among other materials.

With TIJ the print cartridges contain a series of tiny chambers, each containing a heater. To eject a droplet from each chamber, a pulse of current is passed through the heating element causing a rapid vaporization of the ink in the chamber to form a bubble, which causes a large pressure increase, propelling a droplet of ink onto the substrate.

TIJ Advantages

TIJ provides an efficient and effective alternative to meet your marking and coding needs. To help evaluate CIJ and TIJ technologies, please download our new e-book, “Is It Time to Upgrade Your Marking and Coding Technology? A Guide toThermal Inkjet.”

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