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Kirk-Rudy WaveJet - Inkjet Printing for Coated Stocks, Plastics and Foils

The Kirk-Rudy WaveJet inkjet systems offer greater versatility for your printing needs. The WaveJet system is available in two different print head sizes (1.1" or 2.5") and will work with UV or aqueous coat inks. These capabilities allow you to offer your customers sharper print quality on coated stocks, plastics and foils.

Printing variable data in multiple locations on larger pieces is simple for the WaveJet system. Multiple heads can be added to a system for added versatility. With the 1.1" or 2.5" print head, there is no need to buy a larger print head that won't be fully utilized.

The WaveJet is a perfect solution for printing addresses on coated stocks, barcodes or graphics on gift cards, as well as sequence numbers or text on label stock.

When you combine the WaveJet inkjet technology with Kirk-Rudy's product handling systems, you will have one of the most versatile and reliable inkjet systems on the market.

For more information on the Kirk-Rudy WaveJet inkjet system, please call OAM at 216.391.3000 or leave us a message.


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