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Kirk-Rudy KR497 Servo Attaching System - High Speed Card Attaching

Save time and money with Kirk-Rudy’s all-new KR 497 Servo Attaching System. Attach small plastic cards as well as product up to 8.5” x 11” quickly and accurately to a wide variety of product.

The KR 497’s high-vacuum transport table is ready to run inline with another machine or KR feed system. Vacuum belts carry product smoothly beneath the hot melt applicator and KR 497 Servo-Feeder. Base length and width options make it easy to create an attaching system matching your requirements.

Designed to be flexible, the KR 497 applicator handles a wide variety of products and jobs. Run plastic cards, magnets as well as a variety of folded paper products and apply up to three pieces onto a single carrier. If needed, the standalone feeder is easily mounted onto another product transport or web press.

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For more information on the Kirk-Rudy’s all-new KR 497 Servo Attaching System, please call OAM at 216.391.3000.


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