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Featured Product: Kirk-Rudy Phoenix

Now available with LED ink and LED curing systems

Superior versatility to print with different inks makes the Kirk-Rudy Phoenix one of the most popular industry choices for inkjet applications.

We’re pleased to announce that the Phoenix is now also available with LED ink and LED curing systems that provide many advantages over the older UV/Mercury curing systems.

Further, the Phoenix will work with quick-dry water-based ink that works with all standard overcoats, including aqueous.

Additional Benefits of the Kirk-Rudy Phoenix

You can now eliminate the mess and increased cost of traditional gravity-fed ink systems. The KR Phoenix utilizes the latest technology in bulk supply ink systems to provide you with consistent delivery of ink and flush.  This saves time and supply costs, and prevents any damage to your print head.

Some additional benefits include:

Ensure High Quality Color Images

To supplement your equipment needs, OAM offers a PMS matching process to print the high-quality color images you need for your project. Click here to request more info.

More Info

Looking for a more versatile solution to your inkjet needs? Consider the Kirk-Rudy Phoenix.

Read more about the Kirk-Rudy Industrial Inkjet Print System. Or, call us at 216-391-3000 or toll free at 888-867-4051 to talk with any of our sales people.


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