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Examples of Finishing Solutions from OAM

Kirk-Rudy 219RSF Roller Registration Score Folding System

Automate your plow folding needs with the KR219RSF. Designed to handle a variety of products and engineered to produce letterpress-style creasing and buckle folder style folds. Features include infeed roller register, dual score, crease or perf and fold right or left.

Glue systems or camera scanning systems can easily be added for increased productivity.

BAUM 20 VFM Versatile Finishing Module

The BAUM 20 VFM provides a single-pass solution for your slitting, perfing and scoring needs.  It provides superior sheet control and alignment while handling light and heavyweight stocks with ease. Integrate the BAUM 20 VFM with your existing production line to increase your productivity.

Controls Engineering APT-RC SB25

The company’s goal is to keep your production line running. The CE APT-RC SB25 Stacker easily integrates to your card attaching, binding or other production system and accurately bundles product from a preset count or sort signal. Add an APT Bander to produce a clean banded bundle.

Quadrel Q34 Print and Apply Labeler

The Quadrel Q34 is the most innovative print-and-apply labeling system available. The Q34 can easily apply labels with variable information to the side, top leading, adjacent side or corner of your bundles or boxes. It’s perfect for applying shipping labels!

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