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3 Ways to Increase Efficiency During the Remainder of 2017

Efficiency is a key driver of profitability, so as we head toward 2018, a key challenge for any print, mail or packaging professional is to work faster and smarter. At OAM, we understand this; our business is built around systems and solutions designed to Increase Efficiency and Drive Profitability.

As you work toward maximizing profitability for the remainder of 2017, we encourage you to consider three tips that can help to increase the efficiency of your print operation.

#1: Upgrade your inkjet hardware and software technology.

Do you turn away work because of the limitations of your inkjet systems? Are you concerned that you can’t get service or support for your inkjet system?

Thankfully, today’s inkjet hardware and software technology is greatly improved over technology from just a few short years ago. As a result, you can do more types of work that you could not do in the past.

OAM offers a large selection of inkjet systems:

These systems are driven by advanced software with the following key features:

Click here to send us a message or call us at 216-391-3000 to upgrade your inkjet hardware and software technology.

#2: Benefit from camera vision systems.

Accuracy, quality and speed are all critical variables in print, mailing and packaging that can provide a competitive advantage for your operation. And certainly, with today’s automated production processes, defect-free runs are crucial. Achieving this entails inspecting and verifying variable data and symbols on any and all printed materials—from labels and plastic cards to flexible packaging and more.

Consider an example. Say you get a new credit card in the mail. That card is attached to a letter, and underneath that letter is a sequence/ID number. Once that number is read, it goes to a database, and that’s where your information is matched with the card. For yet other example, consider a closed-face envelope with inserts inside that are personalized to you. In this case, the required function is ‘read and write’ whereby the printer reads a sequence number and then writes your personalized information to that piece. In short, it’s matching, then printing.

OAM offers camera vision systems from today’s leading manufacturers. Click here to send us a message or call us at 216-391-3000 to inquire about camera vision systems that can increase your efficiency.

#3: Spend less time managing supplies.

Does your company purchase supplies from multiple sources? If so, that’s almost certainly a time-intensive activity. Additionally, you’re likely missing out on cost savings. You’d be better served sourcing all supplies from a single supplier. Doing so saves time—and with OAM, you’ll lower your supply costs, too.

With the OAM Advantage Program, your supplies program is 100% customized to fit your specific needs and maximize your savings. We offer:

To begin customizing your OAM Advantage Program, request more information at or contact OAM at 216-391-3000.

We hope this blog post will help you increase efficiency for the remainder of 2017. Likewise, we encourage you to examine the ways you can offer greater value to your customers—not only for the rest of this year, but always. Just as OAM’s mission is to be the premier partner to you, your customers will appreciate a consultative approach in the way you ask questions about their target markets and recommend ways they can reduce inefficiencies and increase revenue. OAM is always available to help you achieve greater profitability.

For any requirement, OAM offers the consultative expertise to recommend the right mix of hardware and software solutions to meet your unique needs.

For more information, please contact OAM at 216-391-3000. 


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